• Botanica Wedding Floral

Beauty is in Bloom

Behind every bouquet, centerpiece, and boutonniere are carefully crafted design techniques. From the color palettes to the dimension, all arrangements go through an extensive creative process.

Nothing makes us happier than taking your vision and bringing it to life, maybe even better than you could have imagined! Whether we're starting from square one with a completely blank canvas, or diving right into your dream-theme, the creative ball gets passed constantly. So how does this process work for a floral perspective?

Just like produce, flowers will be of better quality when they are in season. Your bouquet should be composed of fresh, colorful florals that are in their prime, rather than wilt-prone flowers that aren’t grown as naturally. A seasonal arrangement also allows the discovery of flowers you never knew you enjoyed. You will have more opportunity for exploration and can create a very unique bouquet.

When we meet, bring examples of your wedding inspiration. A visual mood board or collage will help to understand the vibe of your wedding. For example, if your wedding carries the theme of a fiesta, your florist can design your bouquet as lively and fun, using succulents and brightly-colored peonies. A more monotone, classic, Art Deco wedding calls for simple floral arrangements that accompany the geometric design elements of your décor. In this case, your bouquet should be simple and have flowers that are more structured, like calla lilies and ranunculus. The color scheme of your bouquet is crucial. You need a solid balance of neutral and colorful. Utilize paint chips or strips for the identification of your color scheme. You can show these colors to your florist and they can arrange your bouquet with complimentary hues.

All pieces of a beautiful puzzle, your wedding floral arrangements each play a vivid role in making your dreams come true.